Press Releases

Valor Capital was formed by a team of entrepreneurs passionate about creating world-class real estate experiences with a local focus on Tampa Bay, Florida.

Their first project, The Skyview, is a 36-unit luxury condominium building located in downtown Clearwater and features innovative design, magnificent views, and first-class amenities.

Valor Capital’s latest endeavor is even more ambitious. Featuring 80 luxury condominium units, Serena by the Sea is a wholly original community that sets a new bar for luxury living, privacy, and security. It’s a community abounding with amenities – open floorplans, oversized terraces, and common areas that emphasize residents’ safety such as UV lighting, touchless door entry, state-of-the-art water filtration systems, and more. Serena by the Sea is designed to embody the perfect blend of living well, and well-being—not to mention its projected $200 million-dollar economic impact to the area.

Future areas of interest are the rest of the Gulf Coast, North Carolina and Texas.

Below is a chronological list of story developments about Valor Capital provided to the media upon request.